Memorial Day Weekend

The long weekend is over… but I am so excited because tomorrow is already Wednesday! This weekend Mark was back in town visiting Atlanta. We had such a great time together… it was nice finally having my table for 2 partner in crime. We ate well and explored Atlanta. Mark lived in Atlanta for 6 months with his job and established quite a life for himself here, so when he comes to visit he has to squeeze seeing his old co-workers, friends, and baseball team he coaches into quick visits. Were able to accomplish all the “must sees” while still being able to spend time with each other! I am staying positive that he will eventually be transferred back down!

On Friday night we went to the Wrecking Bar Brew Pub in Little Five Points. I had been here a few weekends ago with friends and loved the beer, food, and enviroment. I knew I wanted to take Mark! I am into Stouts and Porters and the feature of the day at the Brew Pub was their Coffee Stout- it was delicious. The flavors were very bold, a good sipping beer.

We started the meal with beers and a soft pretzel. Their stone mustard dipping sauce is great- very grainy and flavorful.

For my meal, I ordered the flank steak and three salads. The steak was very juicy and I loved the 3 different salads- an arugula and parsnip salad, black bean and corn salad, and a couscous salad. I wanted something light for dinner and this hit the spot. Everything tasted very fresh. Mark pulled a wild card and ordered the Schweinshaxe entree. He was worried about the kale that the pork was served on… not even paying attention to the description about the pork itself. Out comes what looks like something Fred Flinstone and family ate back in the cave stone days- it was a whole pig leg- bone and all. It was huge! But, delish… I tried a bite and the pork was so tender that it literally fell off the bone. People kept walking by our table making comments about the huge leg on his plate.

Dinner was finished with desert. Typically I am a dinner only gal- usually try to skip appetizers and desert, but because of the occasion… we splurged. The first thing I noticed on the menu was their stout sundae. I was just telling Mark my new blog desert idea- vanilla ice-cream topped with a robust coffee stout (to be continued!) Their stout sauce was a chocolate syrup infused with their house stout. The presentation was beautiful and I liked how the portion was small- a great end of a meal size. I still would like to manipulate the stout sauce with my idea- I think their is room for improvement- but don’t let me fool you, there was hardly an ounce left in the glass.

It was a great weekend and I can’t wait for him to come back. I am going out to KC in two weekends to visit his new place… that weekend will be a BBQ fest : )

Enjoy the short week- and download the new John Mayer CD- love his new folkish look.


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