Monthly Archives: June 2012

The All Y’All Burger + The Sandy Pelican Slider Contest

This past weekend I was in Hilton Head with Mark and his family. What a great time. It was beautiful weather Saturday and Sunday! The house we stayed in was HUGE but it was the company in the house, that made the trip so special. Being in Atlanta and having my family so far away, […]

Fashion and Food Friday’s

It is Friday! I am starting a new blog feature- Food and Fashion Friday’s. So much of fashion is inspired by our food, and I believe visa versa- many meals, are inspired by fashion. Trends which keep the fashion world alive, exist in the food world- take the cupcake trend, the macaroon trend, the burger […]

Father’s Day Pulled Pork Pancakes

I am unable to be home for Father’s Day… so Dad, this post, is for you: As I am still very new to the “real world” life… I have learned to appreciate one thing- the sacrifice a parent gives to their children, especially a parent that also works full time. I started working full time […]

Strawberry, Mozzarella, and Arugula Grilled Cheese

I have to have background noise. I work out of my apartment and let me tell you, it is silent. So my noisey office friends become the TV or my pandora stations. 90% of the time, that background noise is the Food Network. Today it is the Glee soundtrack- yeah, I admit it… I love […]

Summer Chicken Skillet

So, I am attempting to run. This is a powerful first sentence, I know. But the most important word in this sentence is “attempting”. As most know, I am always trying new exercise routines, and as most also know… I fall off the bandwagon… quick. I have attempted to run, numerous times before- but this […]

A Weekend in Kansas City

This past weekend, I was in Kansas City visiting Mark. We had such a great weekend together. Mark just recently moved to Kansas City and is still becoming acclimated with the city, and is in the quest of meeting some friends- it comes, with time (trust me, I know). It was great having someone to […]

Cajun Chex Mix

It is Freyday (my last name is Frey- so today, is my day!). But… seriously… the day has come!! It is officially the weekend! I am off to KC to visit Mark and I wanted to bring him some goodies. I made this Chex Mix recipe last weekend for a pool day with the girls, […]