A Weekend in Kansas City

This past weekend, I was in Kansas City visiting Mark. We had such a great weekend together. Mark just recently moved to Kansas City and is still becoming acclimated with the city, and is in the quest of meeting some friends- it comes, with time (trust me, I know). It was great having someone to explore with especially one who has an appetite equal to mine. We like food, we admit it, thats the first step…right?

Mark lives right on the Plaza. All those unfamiliar with KC, the Plaza is a midwest gem. It feels like you are in Southern California- with the clay roof tiles. It is basically a large outdoor mall- with shopping chains, local boutiques, and restaurants galore. There was a quaint walking path right off of the plaza that Mark and I explored on Saturday. The shopping is great and the plaza always has people walking around. I love the feeling of not having to drive anywhere- I drive all day for my job so spending the weekends walking, is a joy.

We ate SO well. Like, kings… like we basically pretended Mark only had a coffee maker in his apartment, so we obviously had to eat out for lunch and dinner. Needless to say, today- I am on detox. Brunch (at 3:30 pm) was a small bowl of granola and dinner (at 8 pm) was a piece of toast, blueberries, and a handful of wasabi peas. detox.

Saturday was the start of the great eating related weekend- we stopped at Blanc Burger, recommend by a close friend of mine and her boyfriend. While the waiter discussed the specials, he casually mentioned the burger of the day was from Rachael Ray’s new burger cookbook, because “as you know” he said, “she will be right next door tomorrow for a book signing”…. I DIED. Literally, I started asking this poor guy a million questions. Rachael Ray- in KC… next door.. 3 blocks from Mark’s apartment… this is big time celebrity in the life of Lauren!! She is a food idol of mine, and since high school, people say that she is my celebrity doppelganger- we had to go.

And we did… we saw Rachael Ray!! There were still tickets left. I brought an orange spatula in hopes that she would sign it, no luck. But I did come back with her signed Book of Burger cookbook and a new found appreciation for Rachael. She was great, humble, chatty, and motivated. She inspired me and I found a lot similarities in our views on the importance of work ethic, and pushing yourself… even if on the outside, you do not look qualified. She is a smart lady with a vision, and I appreciate that she laughs and truly is thankful for her past, her family, and those who stand behind her.

Me with my The Book of Burger cookbook- doors opened at 3:30… and we were there by 3:30, about 10 rows away from her!

Stay tuned for a part 2 of the weekend- including, farmers markets, food, and more food.

I have to thank my lovely host, it truly was a special weekend and made coming back to Atlanta very tough- but as my father has always told us girls, you can always go back places and visit.


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