Monthly Archives: July 2012

2012 Summer Olympics Party!

Last week I was in St. Simon’s Island for my family vacation. The past family vacations, we vaca with very good family friends of ours- this year was no different, it was a blast. I was so happy that they planned their destination driving distance to Atlanta, because as I am quickly learning… vacation days […]

Stone Ground Mustard Vinaigrette

Moving to a new city makes you appreciate many things… but one in particular is visitors. A few months back, I told my Mom (and I stand by this statement) that I would give up all Christmas gifts, to have a visitor once a month for year. Visitors mean that much… it is a taste […]

Lemon Loaf Cake

Do you ever have those days where you just think…. and think…. and think…. and drive yourself absolutely crazy because the one subject you were thinking about has now spiraled into deep dark subjects your brain never even thought about before? That was my weekend. I was just a brain of churning thoughts. As I […]

Summer Shrimp Boil

I had an epiphany realization yesterday… I am an extremely CLUTTERED person. I know, shocking. It shocks most people because as a person, I have my life in order, like to the point where I think I should be age 50. I am mature, responsible, and over think every action I take, because at age 23, […]

A Celebration of Life

Just A Bite Blog is a food blog, but I feel extremely compelled to share my one nonfood related post. This blog adventure has been dedicated to my grandma, GT. She recently passed away and this past weekend, we celebrated her wonderful life in her city, Chicago. People came from all over, 8 family members […]

Red, White Chocolate, and Blue 4th of July

I am currently stuck in an airplane in Milwaukee, I wasn’t upset about our detour until they told me I could not get off the plane… this girl doesn’t get to Milwaukee often, and if I am here- I want a bloody (that is a bloody mary for all you unfamiliar with Milwaukee). So now […]

Summer Cuban Pasta

So… I don’t know what kind of music mood I am in currently, John Mayer wasn’t cutting it, my Avett Brother’s Pandora station was to chill… I needed my OC soundtracks from high school- which are buried somewhere in my sisters car. Thanks to the internet, I found a website that houses all the OC […]