Red, White Chocolate, and Blue 4th of July

I am currently stuck in an airplane in Milwaukee, I wasn’t upset about our detour until they told me I could not get off the plane… this girl doesn’t get to Milwaukee often, and if I am here- I want a bloody (that is a bloody mary for all you unfamiliar with Milwaukee). So now I am annoyed.  On top of the no Bloody Mary in my system situation, the man next to me keeps baby talking to his wife telling her “bless your heart honey”- barf. I now feel uncomfortable and agitated.

On a positive note, yesterday was Fourth of July, and I tried to squeeze a million things into one day, and the one thing that was kicked to the curb… my blog post. So Happy July 5th all! I think having Wednesday off was the most awkward day and due to a prior commitment with my family and my dwindling vacation days, I worked yesterday and am taking off Friday. I had zero plans for the 4th, but lo and behold Ms. Brittany came to my rescue with an invite to her parents house in Decatur for dinner followed by fireworks.

Of course I said yes… I love the “Atlanta girls”- this is what I have coined them to my out of town friends… the Atlanta girls saved me- and as this is a super dramatic and powerful statement, it is true. They have taken me in, and when I am with them- it feels as if I have always been friends with them.

I wanted to bring something to the dinner, but with my extremely limited cooking schedule, I knew it had to be quick and easy. My mom found the cutest fruit idea on pintrest last year, you stuff raspberries with chocolate chips- sticking to the red, white, and blue theme- I stuffed them with white chocolate chips and created a red, white, and blue fruit salad. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries- oh my!

It was a great night. Downtown Decatur is such a cute area, we sat right in town square. There was a gazebo with a full orchestra playing broadway play songs- I felt like I was in a movie.

Reminiscing makes me want to be back in Decatur now, and not sitting on a plane- can you tell I am starting to lose my patience?

Stuffed Raspberry Ingredients:

  • Washed and fully dried raspberries
  • Chocolate chips of choice- white, dark, or milk chocolate


  1. With the whole end side up, take 1 chocolate chip and insert in the raspberry. I think it is easier to insert the chip skinny with the skinny side going into the raspberry and the fat side sticking out.
  2. Enjoy : )

Enjoy your weekend. Wish me luck that I make it to my kind of town, “Chicago” is…



One comment

  1. You about made me cry with your “Atlanta girls” shout out! Love you Lauren! We are so lucky to have had you come into our lives.

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