2012 Summer Olympics Party!

Last week I was in St. Simon’s Island for my family vacation. The past family vacations, we vaca with very good family friends of ours- this year was no different, it was a blast. I was so happy that they planned their destination driving distance to Atlanta, because as I am quickly learning… vacation days go really fast- and I may or may not have just tapped out of my vacation time. Sad.

We had picture perfect weather- everyday and I thought I got a really good tan, until today… when it is all peeling off my body… uber ew. I left Friday to head back to Atlanta, and it was a bit of a chaotic day- I had about a 4 and half hour drive back, and to top it off, my roommate and I were throwing an Olympic Opening Ceremony Party and I had not cleaned, or most importantly, decorated, or cooked… and I wasn’t scheduled to arrive home until around 3 pm. My game face was on, came home, cleaned, threw things in my closet (classic move), decorated, and thank goodness to Walmart’s 4th of July clearance section, scored some major cute decorations for less than $5.00!

Silverware, Plates, Napkins Table

The party was a huge smashing success! Our theme was when you RSVP’d to the party, you were to choose a country and then either had to bring a drink or appetizer of that country’s. Friends brought such great appetizers… my personal favorites, were Brazilian candies- they tasted like homemade milk duds, a Brie dish my roommate made, “Irish” pigs in a blanket, White Russian cupcakes, Reuben dip, and a very creative Italian dish- cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto.

(Top Photo: handmade USA banner and Torch

Bottom Photo: Drink Cart)

I felt so adult… I am pretty fresh out of college and I like to reflect back to the very cheap days of my life, and if I were to have thrown that party in college, people would probably come, but no one would cook anything (besides the girls) and the guys would bring just enough beer for themselves… this party was so different- it is amazing what having a job does- everyones just a little bit more generous right?

My only wish for the night was that a. the apartment was a little cooler- due to the amount of people and the oven being on… it was a solid 81 degrees the whole night!, and b. it was more “mingled”. I should have made cute “Hello My Name Is”… Because my roommate and I have 2 different sets of friends, it is hard to be at a big party, and introduce and remember everyones names- but that is normal, right? Maybe it is just me…

I made a very EASY dish… because my time was extremely limited- I made an appetizer that we had over the vacation. 3 ingredients and you are done: marinara sauce, goat cheese, and toasted french bread slices. I highly recommend it- very easy and a big hit! Overall the night was such a success and a great time! Yeah USA and Olympics! Big kudos to Chelsea, we pulled it off!

London Greeting Card- Papyrus

Goat Cheese and Marinara Sauce:

(I was to busy and did not take a picture… lame- but found a great shot on ValSoCal’s blog)


  • 1 bottle of Marinara Sauce- I personally used Prego Original
  • 1 log of goat cheese
  • french bread, cut into appetizer size pieces, tossed in olive oil and toasted


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. In a pyrex (I personally used a circle pie dish), pour the marinara sauce. I sprinkled some extra oregano, pepper, and garlic powder for some extra spices.
  3. Add the goat cheese log
  4. Bake for around 15 minutes
  5. Serve hot, with french bread
  6. Enjoy!



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