Cake in a Bowl!


Birthday Card-

My sisters birthday was last Friday. I had my blog post all played out in my head… it was going to be stellar, the best one yet. And then… her birthday went by, I hadn’t prepared my dish- and I felt unorganized. So yesterday, I set extra time out in my day, to get into my kitchen to make Meghan’s birthday blog post.

Meg and I- Paris, France April 2012

Meghan studied in France the past semester and I was lucky enough to go over and visit her in April. Her special birthday post was going to be macaroons… but let me tell you- it was a big fat flop. I tried to stay positive, but they turned out terrible. They didn’t rise and they tasted like rubber.

So, Meggy- I went with my next best thing… cake in a bowl. One of the easiest, and most addicting dessert choices. You simply make a cake according to the package directions, make some icing, make (or buy) some whip cream, and decided on your toppings- I chose raspberries. But I did have cake in a bowl with Oreos- yum.

Macaroons from Laduree in Paris, France

Megs, I am sorry this is almost a week late, I am going to try again with the macaroon idea- makes me think of walking down the Champs-Élysées eating our macaroons from Ladurée. Hopefully we can make it back to Paris (with Callie!) So very proud of you and plan on cake in a bowl when I see you next! Big love from Atlanta!

Bon Appétit!

Cake in A Bowl:


  • Cake Mix (baked according to directions- in round pans)
  • icing- either homemade or store bought
  • whip cream- either homemade or store bought
  • toppings- nuts, fruit, candy- m&m pieces, oreos, chocolate chips, mint chips, etc…
  • optional: pudding- I have had cake in a bowl with a pudding layer instead of the icing… also delicious!


  1. Bake your cake according the the package directions- I try and make things from scratch- but boxed cakes are pretty darn good!
  2. Let the cake pans cool. Using either a cookie cutter- or simply cut the cake in chunks- depending on what container you are using- you can either make in individual containers, or in a large bowl- and people can scoop out.
  3. Start your layers- cake layer, thin icing layer, whip cream, toppings, continue…
  4. Serve! It is not the prettiest dish- but it is pretty dang tasty.

I have a pretty funny story about the night I was introduced to cake in a bowl. I was in Cleveland with Mark and we were at his family friends sons house warming party. It was a pot luck and everyone brought a dish. Somehow I found cake in a bowl. First, let me rewind with the story- they had 2 kegs, one with Bud Light, and the other keg was a Sam Adams Octoberfest beer (for all those unfamiliar with any octoberfest/seasonal beer- they typically have a much higher alcohol content)…. and I LOVE Octoberfest beers- like love. So Mark and I were the rudest people at the party- and sat laughing with each other, drinking Sam Adams seasonal and eating “CAKE IN A BOWL!!” We counted the next morning, we had 4 bowls of “CAKE IN A BOWL!” And … who knows how many beers- you don’t count those types of things! : )


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