Welcome to Just A Bite!

My name is Lauren, a twenty something self taught cook! I love all things food- watching cooking shows, competitions, going out to dinner, taste testing, reading cookbooks and blogs, and of course, dabbling in my own kitchen.

I have always been bribed with food…. my family moved three times while I was in grade school: From Indiana to Cincinnati it was Greaters ice-cream. From Cincinnati to St. Louis it was Imos Pizza (which ended up to be a bit of a let down). My move up to Milwaukee for college was where my appreciation for pretzels, Bloody Marys (from Sobelman’s), and cheese curds started. From Milwaukee to Atlanta it was really anything southern (and a job!).

I have culinary school days…. those will be explained, but I hope one of these days- this culinary dream becomes a reality.

This blog is intended to house my personal recipes as well as occasionally allowing me to voice my opinion. I recently lost a very dear person in my life, she did not cook often, but was a fantastic role model… so this adventure of mine, is dedicated to GT.

Play Kitchen- Christmas 1991


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