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Pumpkin Bread Pudding

It finally feels like fall in Atlanta! I think the Southerns get robbed of fall, well maybe not robbed- but fall in the south happens in December, when it should be winter. So the folks of the south are sipping pumpkin spice lattes in December, when the midwesterners are sipping peppermint lattes! Now, I am […]

Open Faced Egg Sandwich

There is something about brunch. My favorite Saturdays include, sleeping in past 8:30, coffee, my ipad, my food blogs, and a brunch of some sort. I am not a fan of lunch- I think it is lame, well, maybe not lame, but I just wish I could eat super greasy and terrible food for lunch […]

Father’s Day Pulled Pork Pancakes

I am unable to be home for Father’s Day… so Dad, this post, is for you: As I am still very new to the “real world” life… I have learned to appreciate one thing- the sacrifice a parent gives to their children, especially a parent that also works full time. I started working full time […]

Crumbly Blueberry Muffins

So… it is already Sunday. How does that happen? I had quite the weekend- Saturday was a pool day with my Atlanta girlfriends, we then headed over to the Virginia Highlands Summer Fest. It is so crazy, it has almost been a year since I moved down to Atlanta and I finally feel like Atlanta […]

Mother’s Day French Toast

Mary Engelbreit- Comic Relief for Walmart c/o American Greetings Today is Mother’s Day! This post is dedicated to my mom, Carrie! She is terrific and has had an extra stressful year… she took on dual roles, staying Mom to my sisters and I, but also being the primary caretake for GT. She is my twin…we […]

Breakfast Quinoa

I went to college at Marquette University. “Food trends” seemed to love our sorority house. Quinoa was the longest lived food trend. One of my dear friends would eat quinoa every night- with feta and peppers, I have to give her credit, I think she started the quinoa aphi food trend. When I saw this […]