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Pumpkin Bread Pudding

It finally feels like fall in Atlanta! I think the Southerns get robbed of fall, well maybe not robbed- but fall in the south happens in December, when it should be winter. So the folks of the south are sipping pumpkin spice lattes in December, when the midwesterners are sipping peppermint lattes! Now, I am […]

Southern Inspired “Julia” Layer Cake

Today is two special birthday’s, my 24th and Julia Child’s 100th. I know, fate right? This day 24 years ago, Julia was finishing up her book, “The Way to Cook”, and Julia was spending time with her ill husband, Paul… she was 76. I entered in a Julia Child Inspired Cake contest through My […]

Cake in a Bowl!

  Birthday Card- My sisters birthday was last Friday. I had my blog post all played out in my head… it was going to be stellar, the best one yet. And then… her birthday went by, I hadn’t prepared my dish- and I felt unorganized. So yesterday, I set extra time out in my […]

Peach Crisp in a Jar

The birthday celebrations have started! This weekend I was in Kansas City and spent a relaxing and fun weekend with Mark… he had a few surprises up his sleeve for my birthday- first, my gifts- he got me a tripod! Which sounds dorky, but I am ecstatic because as I have been playing around with […]

Lemon Loaf Cake

Do you ever have those days where you just think…. and think…. and think…. and drive yourself absolutely crazy because the one subject you were thinking about has now spiraled into deep dark subjects your brain never even thought about before? That was my weekend. I was just a brain of churning thoughts. As I […]

Red, White Chocolate, and Blue 4th of July

I am currently stuck in an airplane in Milwaukee, I wasn’t upset about our detour until they told me I could not get off the plane… this girl doesn’t get to Milwaukee often, and if I am here- I want a bloody (that is a bloody mary for all you unfamiliar with Milwaukee). So now […]

Callie’s Peach Tart

It is my baby sister’s 19th birthday today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. CALLIE ANNE! As she is home, in St. Louis celebrating with my family, I am here in Atlanta, celebrating virtually! I am so proud of Callie… she just graduated high school and is off to do great things with her life- first, getting into […]