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Chicken Marsala (minus the Marsala) Pasta!

Well, where do I begin… I have been on a slight blogging sabbatical (ish). Life is moving crazy fast, and as my roommate pointed out, “its not like you aren’t make extremely elaborate meals- so… why haven’t you been blogging?”- so very true…. what have I been doing? Fall Crafting: Candy Corn Banner and Melted […]

Summer Cuban Pasta

So… I don’t know what kind of music mood I am in currently, John Mayer wasn’t cutting it, my Avett Brother’s Pandora station was to chill… I needed my OC soundtracks from high school- which are buried somewhere in my sisters car. Thanks to the internet, I found a website that houses all the OC […]

Cinnamon Chip Biscotti

Last month I went and visited my sister overseas. We met in Paris and traveled to Italy together. My cooking lately has been a reflection of the Italian cuisine that I had while Florence. From the pizza, pasta, to the Italian bake goods… it was all delicious! In Venice we stopped at a small bakery […]

Whole Wheat Arugula Pesto With Prosciutto and Mozzarella Pizza

As I have anxiously awaited this day when I felt confident and ready, to start my own blog, I have journaled different topics to discuss, how to word my thoughts… but of course, at this moment… I don’t know what to write. My “Food Blog” bookmark on my MAC houses my food idols: culinary chefs, […]